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5 Game-Changing B2B Sales Advantages of Remote Selling

0:00 - 10:50 Introduction
10:50 - 14:12 Frog metaphor
14:12 - 15:21 5-Game Changing Advantages of Remote Selling
15:21 - 19:52 Get More Personal
19:52 - 23:17 Qualifications on Steroids
23:17 - 26:41 Fast Track to Power
26:41 - 31:13 Instant Relevance
31:13 - 34:51 Business Boundaries 
34:51 - 40:50 Unique Opportunity for You
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Sales Strategies when Dealing with Groups in a Remote World

0:00 - 6:11 Introduction
6:11 - 7:57 Remote Selling definition
7:57 - 11:34 How is buying behavior changing?
11:34 - 12:02 Why is Remote Selling here to stay?
12:02 - 14:52 5 Advantages of Remote Selling
14:52 - 19:09 Challenges of Remote Selling 
19:09 - 21:57 Why you need a strategy for dealing with groups
21:57 - 24:04 How managing groups can be your game changer 
24:04 - 24:20 Strategies for dealing with groups in a remote world
24:20 - 26:26 Acknowledgement of participants
26:26 - 29:32 Elephant in the room
29:32 - 32:30 Be the conductor
32:20 - 35:08 Sense of accomplishment
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Discover 71 Effective Ways to Boost your Virtual Sales Performance

Learn the 4 Essential Parts of Remote Selling and Master the Virtual Sales World
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Discover  5 B2B Sales Advantages of Remote Selling

Discover the 5 Game-Changing B2B Sales Advantages of Remote Selling and Capitalise on the Possibilities Remote Selling has to Offer.

Remote Selling Training

Remote Selling Online Training will help you maintain your unique personality, charisma, and personal touch while giving you that competitive virtual selling edge that will set you apart from the rest.
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Crisis Selling Course

Your High-End B2B Sales Course, guiding you on how to discover and close deals when selling in times of crisis.            
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