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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the price of the Remote Selling Training?

*€49 for a limited time only

The team at Remote Selling has decided that during these challenging times we want to make the training available to as many people as possible. We want to make it accessible for people that want to make a difference with their clients. We hope to increase the positive impact in the business community around the globe.

2. What payment methods do you have? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Diners Club through our online payment partner Stripe.

3. What topics will the Remote Selling training cover?

  • Your Ideal Setting: Ensuring the setting works well for you. The setting you create is the message you convey. How you stand, how you look into the camera, what your background is, and what you can prepare to make sure that the environment/setup is right for Remote Selling.
  • Getting the Tech Right: The technology that you need to ensure you have great audio, a great visual (camera, video, and lighting), the best online tools required for a successful virtual session, and even getting the tech right on the platforms that you're using, such as Zoom and Teams.
  • Power up your Communication: The actual level of communication that is different when talking into the camera compared to face-to-face. How you can influence the level of communication and connection between you and your client or prospect through leading by example. You can be more open, personal, and engaging with them and therefore, create what you are looking for. You can choose when to present, when to connect freely, and when to co-create. Make sure you apply the right communication style that is appropriate for the setting.
  • Master the Virtual Sales Process: How you should control online meetings before, during, and after they have taken place. It will also go over what you can do from a process perspective. 
  • Tips and Hacks to Learn Faster: To help you improve your Remote Selling toolkit you need to get feedback and see how well you actually sell online. You can train, practice, and find ways to receive feedback from your clients to learn how well you have done, and where the real opportunity for growth lies.

Part one is on us 😀

4. How many lessons are there and how long will they take?

There are currently 24 videos that are between 1-7 minutes long. The lessons are short, complete, and straight to the point. The immediate training that you will get access to will take 5 days and with no more than 20 minutes of study each day. The first 3 videos are free! New videos will be added soon!

5. How long will I have access to the Remote Selling platform for? 

You will have access to the Remote Selling Platform until the end of 2021.

6. What makes the Remote Selling training different from other sales courses?

  • Sales expert, Yuri, has over 3 decades of experience in B2B selling, being a high-performing sales professional and manager at Forrester Research, IDC, and BT Global Services. He has helped more than 15,000 sales professionals within 200 companies in Europe, the USA & the Middle East.
  • This is the only training that covers all the aspects of Remote Selling and is specific to sales professionals. Other sales courses are too generic and not relevant to you as a sales professional selling remotely.

7. What are the tips and best practices actually based on?

Based on both experience of remote selling from sales experts as well as input from hundreds of sales professionals about what works and what doesn't.

8. What should be your level of experience in sales to follow the training?

This training is aimed at both starters and sales experts. You can start the training at any level! Even if you start your own company tomorrow, getting the technology and communication right are universal laws. 

9. Do I have to be a B2B sales professional to follow it?

It is designed for B2B professionals, and entrepreneurs, but there is plenty of content that could be used for any professional that needs to connect with prospects, clients, or colleagues in a virtual setting.

10. What is the greatest challenge for being a pro in Remote Selling?

The ability to create meaningful connections fast with people you don't know, and actually control the sales process. The reason is that if you don't know your potential prospect and they don't know you, your brand is unknown in this new market. The challenge is being able to establish trust, to create relevance, and to create that connection. To be able to follow up quickly and to make sure that you can create that glue that you need between the buyer and the seller.

11. Is there a community that I can interact with?

Yes! Fellow learners will be easily reachable through the community part of our site. We also have an exclusive Remote Selling LinkedIn Group with nearly 200 members that you can join.

12. Will I be able to contact Yuri if I have any questions? 

That's what he's here for! You can find the contact credentials below.

13. Can you do a company special?

Yes, of course! It's what Yuri has been doing all his life!
In-company specials allows him to spend time on making free guides and investing in the Remote Selling platform for you! The biggest reason that he is investing in this platform is so that he can address a bigger audience and help people that usually do not have access to this kind of training and insight.

14. Will I receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate after you've finished viewing all the content on the training :)

15. Can I become an expert on the Remote Selling platform?

We are open to receive suggestions or candidates that can also launch content, as long as it is high quality, relevant, and attractive for the Remote Selling community. Feel free to reach out to us.
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Contact us with any other questions that you have!

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