The World of Selling Has Changed Forever


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Remote Selling Training

Discover the Best Ways to Establish New Online Relationships.

Crisis Selling Course

Learn the 5 Skills you Need to Sell Effectively in Times of Crisis. Only 30 Minutes of Study per Day.
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Turn Crisis into Opportunity

No more Traditional Pitching
No more deals that keep being postponed
No more prospects you need to chase
No more price dumping and still losing deals
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Master the Virtual Sales World

Gain that competitive virtual selling edge that will set you apart from the competition.

Your Ideal Setting

Ensure the setting works well for you.

Getting the Tech Right

Organize your technology in the best way.

Power Up your      Communication

Apply the right communication style.

Tips to Learn Faster

See how well you actually sell online.

Master the Virtual Sales Process

Learn how to control your online meetings.

Free Monthly Webinars

These live sessions happen every month and focus on Remote Selling and Crisis Selling.

Remote Selling Interactive Webinar

This webinar focused on the 5 Game-changing B2B Sales Advantages of Remote Selling.
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Years of B2B sales experience


Trained Salespeople

Selling Requires a New Approach

Our Courses

Client Testimonials

Listen to what our learners have to say
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Chris Hazewinkel - CEO of Computest

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Jillali Ajaba - Commercial Director

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Sophie Young - Enterprise Account Executive

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Sander Wagter - Commercial Economics

Crisis Selling Success Story

"Q4 was the record quarter in company history"

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One of our learners explains how the Crisis Selling course has helped his company.

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Enjoy an Intro to the 5 Crisis Selling Skills 

Learn together with other B2B sales professionals selling high-end B2B products or services on this 14-day online course.
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Skill 1: Direct 

Direct pitching should be highly personalised and highly targeted.
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Skill 2: Analyzing the #1 Priority

Your client or prospect decides if you're seen as a priority or not.
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Skill 3: Qualifying on Commitment

The desire to sell needs to change over to become the desire to buy.
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Skill 4: Validating the

What's the impact & value of your product/service after it's implemented?
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Skill 5: Controlling the Close

The seller should control the close not the buyer.

Connect with other B2B Sales Professionals

This is the ideal training if you are ambitious and committed to succeed. Learn from anywhere, at any time.
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Get support from all angles

We're here to help you as much as possible. Get access to the online community, interact directly with other learners and our sales experts. Unlimited support with sales-related questions.
Meet the instructor

Yuri Vander

Yuri van der Sluis (Yuri Vander for short) is a B2B Sales Transformer and Sales Enthusiast who has helped more than 15,000 sales professionals within 200 companies in Europe, USA & the Middle East, achieving commercial success. He enjoys helping B2B Sales professionals experiencing personal growth. He has 3 lovely children and enjoys running and fine cuisine. In normal circumstances, he loves to travel, which is now limited.  
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Below you'll see a quick snapshot of the many companies Yuri has worked with.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the price of the Crisis Selling course?


1.1. What is the price of the Remote Selling training?

€49 for a limited time only.

2. What payment methods do you have? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Diners Club through our online payment partner Stripe.

3. How long will I have access to the training for? 

You will have access to the Crisis Selling course for 4 weeks and the Remote Selling Training until the end of 2021.

4. Is there a community that I can interact with?

Yes! Fellow learners will be easily reachable through the community part of our site.

5. Will I be able to contact Yuri if I have any questions? 

That's what he's here for! You will find the contact credentials below.

6. Will there be assignments that will test me?

There are assignments on both courses that will help you review the content.

7. Will I receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate after you've finished viewing all the content on each course :)

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